Annual Meeting Updates

Thank you for a wonderful open house this past weekend!!!!  We had such a great turnout.  We wanted to give you updates from our annual meeting.

1.  We looked at our financials for 2018 and talked about our finances for the beginning of this season.  We had quite a few maintenance costs (pump room and pool leak) and replacement of equipment at the start of this year.  We had to purchase materials for the rescue backboard.  We also purchased a new basketball hoop, slushy machine, umbrellas for the tables, umbrellas for the guard chairs, and a pool vacuum (the swim team will share the cost of the pool vacuum). We also shared that over the last few years the costs for staffing, chemicals, OPPD, MUD, Cox, and other materials needed to run the pool are increasing.

  • The board is considering an increase in dues.  The last time we raised dues was in 2012.
  • The board is also considering implementing a deadline for dues for the next season.  If dues are not paid by the deadline, a fee will be imposed.  We have had to dip into the savings in order to pay for necessities to open the pool.  (Thankfully we have been able to transfer most, but not all, money back into the savings account at a later date).

2.  The new stair structure has been repaired.  Rotting wood and panels have been replaced as well as a new slanted roof was installed.  Our last step is to paint.

  • The cost to repair the rotting structure totaled $4,142.85.
  • The board has voted to implement a special assessment that may take place next year.  We wanted to explore other options before we consider implementing a special assessment.
  • The members in attendance suggested asking for donations via a pay pal donate button on our website for specific items that need to be fixed, updated, or purchased.

3.  We would like to thank Chris and Deb McGrew for purchasing our new water heater!!!!  After 11 years, the water heater stopped working on opening day.  We would also like to thank Jeff Brownfield (board member and licensed plumber) for installing it!!!  We are so appreciative of their generosity!  Please see the attached photos for before and after pictures.

4.  We voted to change our by-laws from 9 board members to a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 9.

  • We would like to welcome Julie Condon to the board beginning in September of this year.
  • We would like to welcome back Dan Wittmann to the board.
  • We are still looking to fill for one more board position.

Inclement Weather Policy

When the air temperature is below 70 degrees and/or rain, thunder, and/or lightning, the pool will not open.  If you suspect the weather is questionable, we encourage you to check our Facebook page or call the pool at 402-391-0652, before heading to the pool.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  Our next board meeting will take place on Monday, June 10th at 7:00 PM at the pool.  Everyone is welcome to attend.