Westridge Pool Capacity Modifications

As mentioned in a previous email, the Governor is easing restrictions to allow us to move to 75% capacity for the pool starting Monday, June 22nd. This would allow us to increase the pool’s capacity to 180 members. The members of the board are in total agreement that this number of members in the pool at one time would be unwise. It would not be possible to maintain social distancing with that number of people in our pool. We met last night to discuss our options and here is what we decided was the best course of action to maximize use of the pool while maintaining the safety of our members. The following are the two changes that will take effect Monday, June 22nd:

1. We will increase the main pool capacity to 75 members. The baby pool capacity will remain at 10. This will give us a total of 85 members at any time. We determined that there is enough space in the pool deck to allow us to maintain social distancing with this number of members. The sign up website will be modified this evening to reflect this increase in capacity. 

2. We are opening up the upper deck for families only. There are 4 tables up there that are set up to enable social distancing. We ask that these tables be used for families only. Children without a parent present will not be allowed to congregate in the upper deck. 

We thought long and hard when making these decisions. We made every attempt to balance safety while maximizing capacity. As with everything this summer, these rules are subject to modifications. We will review these changes in our next meeting and decide what, if any, modifications will be made to our capacity

Please feel free to email us with any comments or concerns you have.