Pool Reservations

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Get signed up for pool time! Click here or visit https://westridgepool.getomnify.com to reserve your 2-hr time block.

Please note that each member family is allowed 4 time slots per week (Sunday – Saturday).

Same Day or Day Of Reservations: Members are allowed to book more than 1 reservation in a day. However the restriction to reserve additional time is lifted on the day of the existing reservation. Example: You have reserved the 1-3pm time slot for 6/30/2020. On the day of your reserved time slot, you think you would like to comeback in the evening to swim at the 6-8pm time slot. If there are open spaces at 6-8pm you may reserve the space.

Reservation Software User Guide – click the link for a step-by-step walk through on using the Reservation System

2020 Westridge Pool Opening Letter – click to read a message from the Board and view our FAQs

Some additional notes about reservations:

For the most part, Omnify is working as planned. We wanted to highlight a couple of issues people are having with the system.

  1. When you register, you must register everyone who is going to be using the pool. If you don’t you will not be able to sign them up for a time slot.
  2. You must sign up everyone who will be attending the pool during the session you are signing up for. 
  3. When you cancel a slot, you must cancel everyone who is signed up for that session. Otherwise, you will not be able to sign up for another session that same day. 
  4. Please cancel your spot if you are not going to be able to use it. It will free that spot up for members who want to use the pool or for members on the waitlist.
  5. Regarding the wait list, if a spot you want to use is full, please don’t hesitate to use the wait list. If members use the wait list it will give us excellent data on how many people want to use the pool and are not able to.

Finally, if the baby pool is the only spot available, you can sign up for that spot even if you are not going to be using the baby pool.