Policy for Closing the Pool

Weather Related Closing

Air temperature. If the air temperature is below 70°, the pool normally will be closed. The pool manager has the discretion to close the pool at higher temperatures when it is windy or raining.

Water temperature. If the water temperature is below 75°, the pool will normally be closed.

Thunder and lightning. If thunder is heard or lightning is seen, the pool will be closed. If no other adverse weather is observed after twenty minutes, the pool may be reopened. The time that the manager will wait to see if the weather clears, normally will not exceed one hour. 

Weather Forecast. If the weather forecast is for bad weather, the pool may be closed until there is a more favorable forecast. 

Time of Bad Weather. If bad weather is observed after 7:00 p.m., the pool may be closed for the rest of the day. 

Non- Weather Related Closing

Water condition. The pool will be closed if: 

  • The water is so cloudy that a six inch disk cannot be seen on the floor of the deep end
  • Chlorine residual is less than 2 ppm or the pH is outside the range of 7.2- 7.8 range
  • Other chemical imbalance outside state mandated ranges
  • Any mechanical malfunction that does not allow the pool to operate within legal limit. . 

Staffing. The pool will be closed if a licensed pool operator is not present or if there are not enough lifeguards for the number of swimmers in the pool. 

Safety. The pool will be closed if the manager determines that there is any other condition present at the pool that represents a safety hazard.

Lack of swimmers. The manager has the discretion to close the pool due to lack of swimmers. Factors that the manager may consider include but are not limited to the time of day ,weather, water temperature, and normal patterns for usage of the pool.

Notice of Pool Being Closed

The manager will attempt to place an explanation of why the pool is closed on the answering machine and at the front gate. The manager will also attempt to provide any relevant information about when the pool will reopen.  It will also be posted on Facebook.