Pool Rules

General Rules

1. Swimmers shall follow instructions of lifeguards.
2. Swimmers shall wear standard swimming suits. No cutoffs, street clothes, or shoes.
3. Only swim diapers – no regular disposable diapers allowed.
4. Swimmers shall shower before entering the pool.
5. No suntan oil in the pool. Suntan lotions and sunscreen may be used in the pool.
6. No abusive or inappropriate language.
7. Do not distract lifeguards from their duties.
8. No swimming with open sores.
9. No running, rough play or flips off the wall.
10. Spitting and spouting of water through noodles are prohibited.
11. No dunking, hanging, or climbing on basketball hoop.
12. Sitting/riding on someone’s shoulders is prohibited.
13. No hanging on ropes.
14. No gum.
15. The following are prohibited: hard balls, squirt guns, and water wings.
16. Personal kickboards are allowed if used appropriately.
17. PFD’s (Personal Flotation Devices) US Coast Guard approved life preservers are allowed. All other PFD’s shall be cleared by the pool staff before their use.
18. Rafts and other floating devices during adult swim only.
19. No glass containers.
20. No exposed alcoholic containers.
21. Diving off the wall in designated areas only (in the 5ft north of the guard chair).
22. During safety break, all are to stay behind the blue line surrounding the pool.
23. Only children under 6 are allowed in the baby pool.
24. No hanging of towels/clothes on the fence between the baby pool and the main pool.
25. No weapons of any kind on pool premises.
26. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult or individual 15+ years old.
27. No illegal substances of any kind on pool premises.
28. Dogs allowed on deck only during ‘Doggie Swim’ event.

Diving Board Rules

1. One person on the board at a time.
2. No standing on the ladder while someone is on the board.
3. Divers must wait until the person in front of them is at the ladder before jumping.
4. Only one bounce on the board.
5. No jumping off the board with PFD, including noodles.
6. All jumps must be straight off the front of the board.
7. Parents may be at arm’s length away to assist their child off the diving board. Children still must jump straight off the end of the board.