Pool and Private Pool Parties

Want to hold a Pool Party?

Pool Party options are only available to Westridge Pool Members. To view party availability and fill out the Pool Party Application visit the “Members Only” page.

Pool Party Info

Members may hold a Pool Party during normal business hours or a Private Pool Party after hours. The member must be in attendance during the duration of the party, and party guests must leave prior to the member leaving the Pool. Pool Parties must follow the rules of the Pool. If there are safety or liability concerns the Westridge Pool Board may not approve the Pool Party application.

Pool Parties during normal business hours are charged at $50 plus the guest fee ($6 ) for each attendee swimming. (Example – 10 party attendees @ $6 = $60). If attendees are not swimming, then no fee is charged. Note: If the attendee is already a Westridge Pool member, no fee gues fee is applied. Parties will be held on the upper deck. Please be sure to include your set-up and tear-down time on the Party application. If parties exceed the end time by more than 30 minutes the cleaning deposit will be lost.

Private Pool Parties are capped at 100 people and must begin after the Pool closes. Private Pool Parties are limited to 3-hrs and cost $250. This fee includes two guards and a licensed pool operator (POL). If additional guards are needed the cost is $50/guard. No private pool parties, after hours, on Sundays. Note: If Private Pool Parties go past midnight, the member will lose their cleaning deposit and additional guard/POL fees will apply.
Parties with Alcohol – All parties with alcohol are subject to a $100 alcohol deposit and will be approved by the Westridge Pool Board. Additional terms may include, but are not limited to, increasing the cost, placing restrictions on kegs, or require the presence of a security guard or Pool Board member.

Pool Party FAQs

What classifies as a Pool Party?

A “Pool Party” is a party of eight (8) or more guests. An application must be submitted and the $100 cleaning deposit must be paid a minimum of seven (7) days prior to the scheduled date of the party.

How much does it cost to have a Pool Party?

Pool Party = $50 + $100 cleaning deposit + $6/guest (Example – 10 party attendees @ $6 = $60). If attendees are not swimming, then no fee is charged. Note: If the attendee is already a Westridge Pool member, no fee is applied.
Private Pool Party = $250 + $100 cleaning deposit (and if alcohol is present + $100 alcohol deposit) see below for guest/guard requirements

Is a deposit required to reserve my spot?

Yes, a $100 cleaning deposit is required to reserve your spot. The deposit will cover any damage or excessive cleaning after the party. If alcohol is present, an additional $100 alcohol deposit is required to reserve your spot. This will cover any damages incurred due to drinking. Both deposits are refundable and will be credited back to you via our Membership Software within 3-5 business days. (Excessive cleaning consists of picking up empty drink/food containers, reorganizing the tables and chairs, washing up the area due to spills, etc.)