Private/Birthday Pool Parties

Westridge Pool Party Policy – No Parties During 2020 Pool Season

A completed application AND deposit must be submitted to the pool office a minimum of SEVEN (7) days prior to the scheduled date of the party. A party application must be completed if the member is having a party of (8) or more guests. This applies to both Private parties (After Hours) and parties during normal business hours. Failure to complete an application and put down a deposit/payment will result in the party not being scheduled. A Party is NOT confirmed until verified by the Westridge Pool Board.

  1. Members Only: Only members may hold a pool party. The member MUST be in attendance while there are non-members present at the party. When the party is complete and the member leaves the pool so must all the guests that attended the party. The party guest(s) may NOT stay after the member has left the pool.
  2. Damage Deposit: All parties require a $100 damage/excessive cleaning deposit. (Deposit can be picked up 24 hours after the party).  If the pool staff has to clean up post party items (cigarette butts, empty drink containers, etc.), the deposit will not be returned.
  3. Private Parties: Private parties shall not start until after the pool closes to the membership.  On most nights the pool closes at 9:00pm.  A pool party application must be completed and submitted with the damage deposit.
    • Cost:  Private parties up to 35 people cost $150.  They will be staffed by a POL and one guard. Each additional guard will cost an additional $50.  Prices are based on a three-hour party. At least one guard is required per 20 people on pool property.
    • Parties with Alcohol:  All parties with alcohol are subject to approval by the Board. The Board may set additional terms including but not limited to, increasing the cost, placing restriction on kegs (alcohol may not be consumed before 9:00am), and require the presence of a security guard or Board member.  A Board member shall be on call during parties at which alcohol is served.
    • Private Party Hours: Private parties shall not go past 12:00am/midnight. If those attending the party have not cleaned up and vacated the pool premises by 12:00am/midnight the member will forfeit their $100 deposit.
  4. Discretion to not Book Parties:  The Board or the Executive Committee may decline to book a party if it has safety or liability concerns or if it is concerned that the party may constitute a nuisance.  The Board or the Executive Committee may decline to book a party for any reason other than race or ethnic background, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • Parties during Normal Pool Hours:  The member will complete a party application if they will have (8) or more guests attending and submit a $100 damage deposit (the deposit will be returned or can be picked up within 24 hours of the party) with the manager. 
  1. The member is responsible to pay the guest fee for each non-member swimming. The member is allowed to have guests that are not swimming; the member will not pay for these guests. 
    • The member is welcome to reserve the upper deck for the party by indicating that on the Pool Party Application. Reservations will be on a first come, first serve basis. When reserving the upper deck please figure in to your time set-up and tear down. You can begin set-up at the start time you requested. If those attending the party have not cleaned up and vacated the pool premises by the designated end time of their party the member will forfeit their $100 deposit.

The rules of Westridge Pool are in place for all parties.  Smoking and glass containers are not allowed inside the pool or deck areas.