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Please remember, swim team is competitive. Swim team is NOT a replacement for swim lessons. Children under age 10 and younger MUST be able to swim 25 meters (one length) of the pool UNASSISTED, WITHOUT STOPPING and WITHOUT GRABBING THE LANE ROPE. Children age 11 and older MUST be able to swim 50 meters (one full lap) UNASSISTED, WITHOUT STOPPING and WITHOUT GRABBING THE LANE ROPE. Swim team coaches will work with swimmers to be competitive (improve breathing techniques, stroke refinement, turns if applicable, etc.). They will not teach your child how to swim. For swim lesson info click here.

If you have additional questions after viewing the handbook, please email westridgewaterstorm@gmail.com

NOTE: Swim team fees are not prorated for any reason and once paid, are not refunded for any reason. A fully paid pool membership is required in addition to swim team fees. 

PRACTICE SCHEDULE – any schedule updates will be made in Spring 2024

Practice times are subject to change.
8:30 am – 9:30 am = 11 and over
9:30 am – 10:15 am = 10 and under
*Start time is IN THE WATER and ready to swim, not walking in the door. Swimmers will be expected to help get the pool ready for practice.
*Practice is Monday-Friday, exceptions will be announced via email and posted on the pool’s Facebook page.
*During practices, we would like to keep the pool deck clear of parents and/or siblings, unless absolutely necessary. Please email us with questions. 

MEET SCHEDULE – stay tuned for 2024 dates